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William Higgins: Andrej Lamos - Session Stills

Andrej Lamos is aged 22 and lives in Dobris. He is currently unemployed and enjoys sports, fitness and football. He is such a handsome guy and looks so impressive as he poses for the camera. Lifting his tee shirt Andrej shows off some great abs. Then the tee shirt comes off and we see his sexy, well defined chest. Turning around he pushes down his shorts and shows off a very sexy ass. Turning back his jeans stay down as Andrej's soft cock is shown. A smile crosses his handsome face and then we see that cock rock hard and pointing skywards. Fully naked he looks so good as he sits on the sofa to show his hot body and beautiful cock. Then Andrej lifts his legs in the air to reveal his ass, with the cheeks spread to expose his tight hole. His hands spread the cheeks further so that hole is shown off perfectly. Then Andrej turns over with his cock trapped between his legs as he shows that ass some more. Then Andrej stands again to give us more of that hot body and stiff cock. He is one very sexy guy who will surely give a great show in his erotic video next week.

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